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Led Zeppelin - Physical Rarities - 2003

Physical Rarities - 2003

1-Jenning's Farm Blues (Studio Session 1969)
2-Poor Tom (Outtake From Led
Zeppelin IV 1971)
3-Walter's Walk (Previously Unrelised Session Take 1972)
4-Trampled Underfoot (Alternate Work-in Progress Mix)
5-Custard Pie (Diffferent Version)
6-Black Dog (Headly Garden Session 1971)
7-Since I've Been Loving You (Previously Unrelised Rehearsal Take From 1969)
8-No Quarter (Headly Grange Session 1971)
9-Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Version II Olympic Studios 1968)
10-Stairway To Heaven (Previously Unrelised Early Acustic Version 1971)


11-Swansong (Previously Unrelised First-Ever Take)
12-Ozone Baby (Rare Rehearsal Take From 1978)
13-Wearing& Tearing (Rare Rehearsal Take From 1978)
14-Something Else (Headly Garden Session 1971)
15-Immigration Song (Studio Rehearsal Take From 1970)
16-Moby Dick (From A 1969 Studio Session)
17-Out On The Tiles (Studio Rehearsal From 1970)
18-Willow Tree (Headly Garden Session 1971)
19-Baby Come Back Home (Tribute To Bert Burns, Olympic Studios 1968)



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